Mighty of a Palestinian.

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This is the third cyber photo exhibition. This one speaks about Palestinian resistance in the Palestinian village Al Nabi Saleh. Al Nabi Saleh is a Palestinian village located north west Ramallah and has a population of 550 residents. It was named after the prophet Saleh, one of the five Arab prophets mentioned in Al Quran.  Al Nabi Saleh village is known for its weekly action with the Israeli soldiers. As in, every Friday the people of Al Nabi Saleh, Palestinians from other cities, journalists and activists start a weekly protest objecting Israeli occupation and Israeli settlements. But, each and everyone of these protests is suppressed by Israeli weapons, such as: Gas bombs, shotguns, sewage water and many more.

This post aims at introducing Palestinian villages to the world, their suffering and their resistance.

I hope you enjoy my photography and documentation.

1-This is Al Nabi Saleh village.

أنا الأرض”
والأرض أنت…سنطردهم من إناء الزهور وحبل الغسيل
سنطردهم عن حجارة هذا الطريق الطويل

“سنطردهم من هواء الجليل

محمود درويش قصيدة الأرض

“I am the land,

and the land is you.

We will expel them from the flower vase and the laundry line,

we will expel them from this long road’s stones,

we will expel them from the air of Galilee” Mahmud Darwish, The Land.


2- What falls beyond the beauty of Al Nabi Saleh village. Halamish, the Israeli settlement that took over the village’s water spring.

استوطنوا الأرضَ”

 “…وقالوا: نحب السلام

تسنيم الصراوي

“They settled the land and said:

we love peace.” Tasnim Al Srawi


3-  كأننا عشرون مستحيل”

في اللد والرملة والجليل

هنا على صدوركم باقون كالجدار

وفي حلوقكم

كقطعة الزجاج كالصبار”

هنا باقون. توفيق زيادة

“Like the twenty impossibles,

in Lod, Ramle and Galilee.

Here on your chests we will stay like a wall,

like a glass piece, like a cactus” (Tawfiq Ziyada. Here we are staying)



هنا على صدوركم باقون كالجدار”

نجوع؛ نعرى؛ نتحدى

ننشد الأشعار

ونملأ الشوارع الغضاب بالمظاهرات

“ونملأ السجون كبرياء

هنا باقون. توفيق زيادة

“Here on your chests we are staying like a wall,

hungry, naked, defying

filling the streets with protesting rage

filling prisons with pride” (Tawfiq Ziyada, Here we are staying). 



ونصنع الأطفال جيلا ثائرا وراء جيل”

كأننا عشرون مستحيل

في اللد والرملة والجليل

“إنا هنا باقون

هنا باقون. توفيق زيادة

“We make our children a revolutionary generation over the other,
like the twenty impossibles,
in Lod, Ramle and Galilee,
we are here staying” (Tawfiq Ziyada. Here we are staying)



نحرس ظل التين والزيتون”

ونزرع الأفكار كالخمير في العجين

برودة الجليد في أعصابنا

وفي قلوبنا جهنم حمرا

إذا عطشنا نعصر الصخرا

“ونأكل التراب إن جعنا .. ولا نرحل

هنا باقون. توفيق زيادة

“We guard the shadows of olives and figs,

We grow thoughts like yeast in the dough

the chiliness of ice is in our neves,

in our hearts there’s a red hell.

If we feel thirsty, we squeeze rocks

we eat dirt, if we feel hungry… And we dont leave” (Tawfiq Ziyada. Here we are staying)




  ربما أفقد –ما شئت- معاشي”

ربما أعرض للبيع ثيابي وفراشي

ربما أعمل حجاراً، وعتالاً، وكناس شوارع

ربما أبحث، في روث المواشي، عن حبوب

ربما أخمد عريانا، وجائع

يا عدو الشمس لكن لن أساوم

“وإلى آخر نبض في عروقي سأقاوم

سميح القاسم. خطاب في سوق البطالة

“Maybe I’ll lose-whatever I want- my salary,

maybe I’ll bid my clothes for sale, and my matress

maybe I’ll work in stones, and a carrier, and a street sweeper

maybe I’ll look in cattle’s waste for grains

maybe I’ll go to sleep naked, and hungry

Oh sun’s enemy but I will not compromise

and to the last beat in my pulse I will resist” (Samih Al Qassim. A Speech in unemplyment’s market)




سجّل برأسِ الصفحةِ الأولى”

أنا لا أكرهُ الناسَ

ولا أسطو على أحدٍ

ولكنّي إذا ما جعتُ

آكلُ لحمَ مغتصبي

حذارِ، حذارِ من جوعي

“ومن غضبي


“Register, ate the top of the first page

I dont hate people,

and I dont rob anyone,

but if I get hungry,

I eat the my rapist meat

Be carfull of my hunger

and my rage” (Mahmud Darwish. Register, I am an Arab)


Special thanks for all the people of Al Nabi Saleh for their weekly resistance and determination and for allowing me a Palestinian journalist to be a part of their weekly protest.

For more photos see my flicker page



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